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We Are Not an Advertising Agency

Nor are we magazine publishers. We are something better, with a modern answer to modern marketing challenges. What are those challenges? Try tune out, indifference, and the daily deluge of competing messages.

Give them content

The solution is to create content customers love. We're talking sit-back-and-enjoy, must-read, give-me-more, hit-the-share-button content. It is as simple as that intriguing article you raved about in your favorite magazine or website.

Methods and media

Journalism, storytelling, expert reviews, how-to guides—these are our methods. Magazines, tablet computers, websites, social networking, newsletters, video—these are our media.

As for results, they are spectacular, repeatable, proven, and long-term. Call us today and we'll dish.

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For inquiries contact Debra Guilfoyle at dguilfoyle@futureus.com or call (+1) 650-745-9213


Debra Guilfoyle

Group Editorial Production Manager
E: dguilfoyle@futureus.com
T: (+1) 650-745-9213
C: (+1) 650-296-8494