With more than four decades of success, the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) reaches across global markets, connects the industry and enables CE innovations to grow and thrive. Utilizing Future’s technology brands, we connect CES attendees with our partner’s products, offering partners the opportunity to extend there through our digital and print properties around all things CES.


Well known as the world”s premiere trade show for computer and videogames, the E3 Expo is an obvious location to showcase Future’s gaming portfolio. Through our presence on the show floor, the gaming industry is able to see and interact with our brands like never before. In addition, Future’s coverage across digital and print properties allows partners to go beyond the show floor and be a part of the E3 experience.

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In its 4th decade as one of the biggest consumer shows in the US, Comic Con experiences capacity crowds with show tickets selling out months before the convention begins. Over 150,000 pop culture fans line the streets of the Gaslamp district in San Diego for thisexciting event. Every year Future and its partners bring gaming and technology to Comic-Con in arguably the most high-traffic area of the show floor. Through unique product exposure, demos, and in-booth contests, a partnership with Future allows partners to be at the most exciting event of the year.

Custom Events

In addition to CES, E3 and Comic-Con, Future produces custom events for partners catered to further enhance the event experience. From parties to food truck tours, Future has great success activating marketing programs beyond the traditional digital and print media outlets.